What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is defined as computer based interactive communication process that incorporates text, graphics, sound

, video and animation.

The word multimedia refers to an integration of multiple media such as visual images, sound, text, video and animation which together can multiply the impact of the message on the other level. Interactive multimedia refers to that when a user becomes a regular viewer of the multimedia project and is allowed to control what and when the elements are delivered is termed as an interactive multimedia.

When a structure of linked elements is provided to user through which they can interact then that multimedia becomes hyper media.


Usually a text file in a computer exists with a variety of fonts with font colors, font styles, font size and can be used for emphasis of the information.


A presentation moves to a firm level when a speech or an audio is arranged along with the content.  Audio adds life to the presentation. Media players are very helpful to listen to the audio clips.


Video clippings can be played back. The recent personal computer video technology with concepts likes MPEG [Moving Pictures Expert Group], Media Players and DVDs can be used.


It can be used for enhancing a presentation. It provides a usual visual impact on the viewer and generally said that “a picture is worth of thousand words”. Learn more about pictures and graphics here


Artificial movements of text (or) objects created in virtual environment. Types of animations are divided in to two dimensional animations and three dimensional animations.


Multimedia is concerned whenever people need to access to electronic information of any kind. Multimedia improves information retention if properly designed and used. Multimedia provides a way to the people who are intimidated by computer and use a virtual keyboard to get the information. Multimedia is being used in schools. Business, public places and at homes. Business applications of multimedia are presentations, training, marketing, advertizing, product demonstrating catalogue and in network communications. Multimedia is commonly used in any office for creating data basics for video annotation, for real time conferencing etc. Schools are the most important places where multimedia finds a better application. It has been used as tutorials, ICT teaching and learning process for students becomes easier to remember and the subject can be taught and learnt with great enthusiasm.

Job opportunities in Multimedia:

Job opportunities in Multimedia are in the fields of Graphic designing, Web designing, Gaming industries, Advertising, Criminal investigation, Fashion designing, Interior designing, Logo designing, Publishing on line articles, conducting teaching programs like online tutorials, computer based training presentation and many. There are number of web sites which offer sales projects and people can sit at home and earn a lot through these web sites.