What is Mobile Computing

It is our ability to use technology in such a way that data has to be transmitted through a computer which is not connected physically to a fixed external link. Since we are not connecting it to any physical fixed link we require the mobile computing activity be connected wirelessly to either through the internet or through the private network.

This connection ties the mobile device to centrally based located information through the use of a powered battery, wireless computing and communication devices. Here we may use devices like smartphones, wearable computers, IRDA [Infrared Data Association] interfaces, PDA [Personal Digital Assistants] with Bluetooth, laptops with wireless LAN etc.

Mobile data communication really helps business people who always travel from one place to another on move. This particular technology allows users to transmit from one remote [isolated] location to another remote location.

Past few days mobile voice communication has become viral and we can see there is an increase in the number of subscribers for these cellular networks. The actual principle of mobile computing is that the ability to use technology in sending and receiving data across cellular networks.

Types of Mobile Computers 

There are many types of mobile computers which have been introduced since the 1990s. Let us see few among them. They are namely
1. PDAs [Personal Digital Assistant]
2. MDT[Mobile Data terminal]
3. Smartphone
4. Tablet personal computer
5. Laptop etc.

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant

These are also known as pocket computers or palmtop computers. PDAs are handheld computers which are versatile in nature and have many features like calculator, clock and calendar, sending and receiving e-mails, audio recording, video recording, typewriting and word processing, spreadsheets, scanning barcodes, playing computer games, web browsers, portable media players etc. PDAs can access internet, intranet, extranet through Wi-Fi and they can employ touchscreen technology also.

MDT – Mobile Data Terminal

It is a computerized device used for emergency vehicles such as police vehicle, courier vehicles, military logistics, and warehouse control to communicate with a central dispatch office. In this case, the data is transmitted from source to destination portably. This technology is very useful for our country to get the thing done in proper time and in an efficient manner.

Smart Phone

A smartphone is almost equal to a personal computer and contains its functionality and features. A smartphone contains pre-installed applications, software, games, internet access etc. In few cases, these may be developed by the manufacturer or any third party developer. It contains a mini keyboard with a touchscreen. These days a smartphone with full HD camera is also available at affordable prices. One of the important features of a smartphone is that applications for enhanced data processing and connectivity can be installed on the device. The bulk amount of data, applications, and images, audio and video files can be shared to other devices within few seconds of time in smartphones.

Tablet Personal Computer

It is a slate-shaped mobile computer. A user can operate this through a stylus or a digitized pen. It’s portable in nature. It also contains a touchscreen mouse and keypad. It contains all the features to access internet and data sharing.


Laptops are also considered as a mobile computing device and it runs on single main battery consuming power from an external source and an adapter is used to supply power to the battery of the laptop. It is very portable in nature. A precaution is that it’s always recommended not to use or place a laptop on laps for a long time as it emits radiation and may cause major skin problems.