There are so many applications of multimedia in this web world. Let us consider few. They are as follows:

  • Multimedia in Entertainment

  • Multimedia in Business

  • Multimedia in Software

  • Multimedia in Education and Training

  • Multimedia on the Web

 Multimedia in Entertainment

Multimedia in entertainment application aims at diverting users that is engaging them in some or the other activity. The activities include listening to music, watching a video, playing games, participating in an interactive story, meeting people at virtual environment etc. Higher interactivity, mobility, content awareness is major roles played by the multimedia application software. Multimedia is specially used in movie making and animations. Multimedia games are a popular past time and software programmes are also available in either CD-ROMs (or) on-line. Few video games are also uses multimedia features. Multimedia application that allows users to actively participate is called Interactive multimedia. Digital recording material may be just as durable and instantly reproducible with perfect copies every time.

 Multimedia in Business

Training, informational, promotional material, sales presentation point-of-sales displays that allow for consumer integration and communication within and outside the organization are all common applications of multimedia in the business world. Multimedia presentation for many applications can be highly portable particularly in the case of CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and video tapes. The equipment required to produce these presentations are relatively common place (or) otherwise easy to access. Existing presentation uses Grab-keep-Attention in advertising. Business-to-Business and inter office communication are often developed by creative service firms. For advance multimedia presentation beyond symbols, slide shows to sell idea live-up training, commercial multimedia developer may be hired to design Government services and non professional services applications as well.

 Multimedia in software

Software Engineers may use multimedia in computer from entertainment to training such as military industrial training, designing digital games; it can be used as a learning process. This multimedia software’s are created by professionals and software engineers.

 Multimedia in Education and Training

In education, multimedia is used to produce Computer Based Training and providing reference books like Encyclopedia and Alma’s. Computer based training leads the users go through the CD of the presentation text about particular and associated information in various formats. The combination of education and entertainment gives us edutainment [i.e., education with entertainment and entertainment with education.]. The idea of Media Convergence is also becoming a major factor in the field of higher education. Separate technologies have been defined such as voice, data and video that shares resources and interact with each other synergistically creating new efficiencies. Media convergence is rapidly changing the curriculum in Universities all over the world. Along with all these things it is also changing the availability of jobs required skills, savvy technological skills.


Electronic Learning has become a very good communication [interaction] media between students and teachers. Several lines of research evolved the possibility for learning and instructions are nearly endless. There are two categories which link the students and teachers. One- those which can be used to convey the subject content, such as print materials, video tapes and audio tapes, television computer based course ware, CD-ROM etc. the other- those which permit communication between teacher and students such as audio, video conferencing, tele-conferencing and internet.

 Multimedia on the Web

In today’s world web plays a vital role in diversifying multimedia experience. It has been a broadcast medium offering various online facilities like live TV, Pre-recorded videos, photos, animations etc. During the coming years most multimedia applications experience on the internet and occur on the WWW [World Wide Web]. Programmes contain HTML [Hyper Text Mark-up Language] pages which are also available and provided by XML [extended Mark-up Language]. Along with it Java Script is also used.

        Plug-in and Media Players are software programmes that allow us to experience multimedia on the web. File formats requiring this software are known as MIME [Multimedia Internet Mail Extension] types. To embed a media file, just copy the source code and paste it into user’s webpage. It is as simple as easy.

Plug-ins is software programmes that work with web browser to display multimedia. When web browser encounters a multimedia file it hands off the data to the plug-in to play (or) display the file. Multimedia players are also software programmes that can play audio and video files both ON and OFF the web. The concept of streaming media is important to understand how media can be delivered on the web.